Got some questions about the machining of a part? We can help with DFM (design for manufacturability).

Pioneer Service Inc. makes precision CNC Swiss screw machine products, CNC turned parts and centerless grinding services. We are able to meet demanding needs for precision machined components and sub-assemblies for industries including medical, automotive, fastener, hardware, motor/pumps, HVAC, motion control, oil and gas and many others.

The complimentary review from our engineers include:

  • Suggestions for optimizing the design to reduce cost but not functionality
  • Support for protyping as well as production
  • Information on pricing for similar parts at similar quantities
Complete the form below to provide us the details of your part and the specific questions you'd like answered. Print and/or 3D CAD file and SolidWorks files welcomed. We'll follow up soon to arrange the review when it suits your schedule.

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